Jawbone UP

Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need to physically visit our doctors for a checkup anymore and simply submit to them the right data they could assess then translate for us? Indeed, it would be very convenient and efficient. The top medical billing schools are making advancements. Amazingly, it won’t have to be long until this is made possible. Why?

There have been recent developments in the field of medicine integrating the recording of health care and medical metrics into phone use. One device that’s gaining popularity nowadays is the Alivecor Electorcardiogram. This device doesn’t only monitor patient heart rates in real time but also send recorded data to the Cloud, allowing cardiologists to check them instantly. The Alivecor Electrocardiogram works in conjunction with the iPhone, iPad and also with Android devices.

There also are quantified self and wearable devices such as Jawbone Up and Fibit. These are medically-themed fitness devices that allow wearers to do in their homes what they normally do in clinics or hospitals. With these gadgets, therapies won’t only turn out effective but most importantly time-efficient as well.

Many other medical developers and innovators are pushing through with turning smartphones into glucometers for blood sugar monitoring and even otoscopes for ear checkups. Unfortunately though, there is the strict regulatory system that’s pushing the development of such innovations offshore. A lot of the mobile-phone-use-for-medical-purposes are already taking place in India and Africa but the lack of physicians in these regions hold off the progress.

Other Notable Medical Current Events

There are many other developments happening in the field of medicine. Other than 3D printing now being applied in the development of prosthetic body parts, there’s also the use of artificial intelligence as IBM’s Watson and Siri for diagnostics or decision support, social health network for empowering patient behavior, and new communication platforms that allow patients to quickly contact their doctors.

Some may not be cleared for sale within the US as of yet, but once they do, there will only be one direction for the medical field and that’s towards excellent progress in providing patients who badly need high quality and efficient services that they can get.