Getting stacked

We have all dreamt about being physically fit at one time or another. In America, we are bombarded every day with television commercials and movies that showoff physically fit people. This makes those watching want to be just like them. But, what does being physically fit really mean? What are your true goals for yourself? People have all different goals to get fit. Some of us want to just lose some fat around our waist while others want to look like Mr. Olympia. Obviously, the workout routines for each of these individuals will be drastically different. The average person just wants to lose weight, which can be a big enough challenge for them if they are obese. The problem is that there are so many myths about how to get fit and these myths end up confusing people to the point where they don’t even try. If they order a bogus exercise machine off the television and then find out it doesn’t work, they will blame themselves and then never try to lose weight again.

Serving those who serve: Marine veteran helps Marines, spouses reach their fitness goals

To get physically fit, all you have to do is eat right and exercise. There is no mystery behind that. The term “eat right” means you eat all natural foods that are not processed or created by people. Natural foods are things that grow out of the ground or come from an animal. Besides eating right, you just have to move your body around for at least 30 minutes per day. This is what is called “cardiovascular exercise.” It is when you get your heart rate up consistently, which is what helps you burn fat. Then if you really want to get in good shape, you can start working out with weights and getting your muscles looking big. But, this is optional and does not apply to staying physically healthy.