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A health insurance exchange is a way for people to obtain the most affordable health insurance coverage for themselves. Normally, a person would have to fill out individual applications at each health insurance company in order to see how much their premiums would be. A health insurance exchange eliminates the hassle of having to do that because they only require you to fill out one application and then it will give you a list of different plans that are the most affordable for your situation. They consider your income range and age as the prime factors in determining the amount you will have to pay.

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            There is a health insurance exchange that has already grown in popularity. Did you know the Affordable Care Act is associated with a health insurance exchange? The federal website,, is actually a health insurance exchange where people are able to find some of the most affordable health insurance plans available. These are still private insurance companies like before, but this time people won’t be able to get turned down because of a preexisting condition. Also, if you are a woman then you won’t be charged more for health insurance coverage than a man. This makes getting health insurance much easier through an exchange. But what is so great about the website is that they are not getting any kind of premium or finder’s fee paid to them. Remember, this is the government. It is not some third party company that wants to make a profit. The government is doing this to help the people, which is why President Obama signed this legislation in the first place. Health insurance exchanges used to be scary when they were only run by private organizations, but now with the federal government getting involved they should be more comfortable for ordinary citizens to deal with.