Strong B.A.N.D.S. ZUMBA

Going to the gym can be a hassle for anyone who is too conscious about working out in front of other people and traditional home exercises sometimes just come off too boring. If you want an entertaining way to keep your fitness top-grade, you might want to consider these Kinect Fitness Games instead.

1. Zumba Fitness Rush

We’ve all heard about Zumba, the fitness dance craze. It is the exercise dance people aiming to lose weight want to try out. However, gym membership fees can come costly and for those with low esteem, dancing in front of others can be a problem. Luckily, there’s Zumba Fitness Rush offering us an entertaining yet productive means of losing our excess fats.

2. Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports features volleyball, track & field, bowling and several other sports enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. It is a game that’s great for anyone who wants to get up, move, and work their arms around.

3. Your Shape Fitness Evolved

This game simply has it all. It comes with a great workout system that players can fully control. It features not just boxing but also events as boot camps, dance classes and floor exercises, perfect for anyone who wishes to work only several targeted areas of their body.

4. Dance Central 3

What better way to lose those unwanted fats than through dancing, right? What’s great about the Dance Central 3 is that it comes with a wide variety of songs. The routines may come off intimidating at first but there’s always the rehearsal mode, teaching beginners how to go about their every move.

Trying Out Kung Fu

5. Kung Fu Hi-Impact

It would be great if Kinect had a game for Tae Bo, right? Well, Kung Fu Hi-Impact is a slower-paced version for such type of workout. The game is great in that instead of you being shown as a vague blob, it actually presents you as yourself fighting the evil guys! How can an exercise be so much fun?

With these 5 great Kinect fitness games, you’re not only guaranteed to get your ideal weight but most importantly, you also enjoy doing so!