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The nice thing about the wide availability of exercise equipment these days is you can keep do physical activities without having to venture outdoors. If the weather is not ideal for jogging or brisk walking, you can still exercise right at the comforts of your own home. This is possible with various exercise machines available in the market these days.

One of the most common ones you can purchase is an elliptical exercise machine. However, depending on your fitness routine, purchasing one can be something worthwhile or can turn into a really big mistake. So, before ordering this kind of exercise equipment, take time to consider elliptical exercise machine and pros and cons first.

#1: It’s an effective cardiovascular workout

This machine is a great machine to use for aerobic exercises. According to certified personal trainer Megan Tyner in Spine-Health, it’s also a good machine if you want to get an effective cardiovascular workout. There are some models that have an adjustable resistance which allows you to build more muscle in your legs. Other models have ski-like hand controls that allow you to exercise your arms and shoulders.

#2: It has a limited exercise range

Machines that are capable of weight-bearing exercises is useful for protecting women against osteoporosis. However, an elliptical machine doesn’t offer this kind of benefit. Although some models have features that allow workout for the arms, this isn’t enough to get a full body workout.

#3: It’s a low-impact exercise

Compared to running or walking, using an elliptical machine doesn’t put that much effort on your joints. This is helpful if you have arthritis or any other joint-related aliment because you don’t put much pressure on your knees. This way, you can exercise for a longer period compared to jogging, running or walking.

#4: It’s expensive

Getting a high-quality machine requires you to spend a lot of money. If you want to get one, you might need to save.

As you can see, weighing the pros and cons helps you decide whether an elliptical exercise machine is the right one for you.