MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX

There are about 900 US medical facilities listed as experienced in cancer treatment. But in this list are 5 of the best cancer hospitals in the US.

1.  University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

This 607-bed medical facility is situated in Houston, Texas and is nationally ranked in 1 pediatric and 4 adult specialties. It was reported to have catered to 25,230 admissions in the recent year, performing 9,457 outpatient surgeries, 8,764 inpatient surgeries and attending to 18,926 emergency room visits. Other than being a cancer treatment facility, the University of Texas MD Anderson is also a teaching institution.

2.  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is a treatment facility situated in New York. It has been nationally ranked in 1 pediatric and 4 adult specialties, performing highest in 3 adult specialties. This 470-bed facility has had 24,487 admissions most recently and has performed 8,056 outpatient and 11,318 inpatient surgeries. The center is a teaching institution as well.

3.  Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic, located in Rochester Minnesota, has been nationally ranked in 10 pediatric and 16 adult specialties. It scored well in prioritizing patient safety, showing commitment to decreasing medical mistakes and accidents. The 1,132-bed medical and surgical facility has had 62,400 admissions most recently. It performs 21,035 outpatient and 50,918 inpatient surgeries, with 79,542 annual emergency room visits. The clinic has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) as well.

Nyaya Health: Mr Khadak Jung Budthapa, Health Assistant, Bayalpata Hospital. Dr. Bibhusan Basnet, Medical Director, Bayalpata Hospital. Dr. Ryan Schwarz, Nyaya Board Member and Global Health Equity Resident, Brigham & Women's Hospital.

4.  Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, Brigham and Women’s Hospital nationally ranked in 12 adult specialties. It can house 779 patients and has an annual admission count of 46,498 patients. The hospital performs 12,338 outpatient surgeries and 18,885 inpatient surgeries yearly and also has an average emergency room visits count of 60,572.

5.  Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It has been nationally ranked in 10 pediatric and 15 adult specialties, outperforming other facilities in 1 adult specialty. This facility is a 912-bed medical institution with 46,573 admissions count most recently. Performing 35,024 outpatient and 23,382 inpatient surgeries, it has been credited by the CARF as well.