Running is a great, effective way to stay in shape. It keeps your muscles and bones strong, fights illness, and can allow you to shed unwanted pounds. When exercising, many runners wonder if there is a significant different between running outside and running indoors on a treadmill. Consider these facts to determine which option is better for you and your running routine.

Will I Get the Same Workout?
Generally speaking, you will get the same benefits and workout if you run on a treadmill as you would I you ran outdoors. However, there are some differences. When you run outside, you are often challenged more. The terrain varies and it inclined and declines, working different muscles as you run. In addition, there is often wind resistance and other elements to consider. If you run the same pace on a treadmill that you would outside, therefore, you will not get as much of a workout. So, you will likely have to increase your speed or use the incline option to get a similar challenge.

Which Option is Best for Me?

The conditions you choose to train with, outside or a treadmill, depend on your goals and needs. If you are just running for general health, either option will do as long as you feel you are challenging yourself and your muscles enough in the process. The benefit of a treadmill is that you can run at any time of day and in any weather conditions since you will not be impacted. You can also regulate and monitor your speed to keep track of your progress specifically. A treadmill also allows you to watch television or participate in some sort of distraction. The treadmill is also easier on your joints since it is cushioned, unlike hard pavement.

However, some runners need a specific environment to train in. if you are training for an outdoor marathon, it is best to train in similar conditions as the ones you will experience in the actual race or marathon. This will help to put realistic demands on your body such as weather conditions, terrain level changes, pavement or dirt roads and more. There are also several other benefits to running outside. You can enjoy and take in the outdoor scenery as you run, allowing you to be exposed to fresh air and wildlife. In addition, when you run a distance, you cannot just hop off and finish your run when you feel like it. You have to run back to where you stated, providing you with more motivation to continue moving, pushing yourself further and longer.

Running is a beneficial form of exercise, no matter where you do it. Determining whether running outside of on a treadmill is right for you depends on your needs, preferences and goals. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you choose the option that will get you to consistently exercise. If you prefer the distraction of the television and the fact that you can monitor your speed, a treadmill may be right for you. However, if you enjoy taking in the scenery of the outdoors and running in the USA on a varied terrain running outside may be a better choice.