Before and after weight loss surgery

Lap Band Controversy

Lap band is a medical procedure that is supposed to help obese individuals lose weight and treat their obesity. It also goes by the name “adjustable gastric band.” What the doctors will do is perform a surgical procedure where they place an inflatable device made of silicone inside your body that is supposed to make you less hungry. Basically, they wrap this device around the upper portion of your stomach and this is supposed to slow down the process of consuming food. Since the food is not passing through your digestive system as fast as it is supposed to, then that will make you feel less like eating. It has worked for some people, while others seem to mess it up by eating huge portions of solid foods. The important thing to remember is to drink more liquids and eat foods that are more slushy. At least do this for a few months after getting the surgery. The last thing you will want to do is eat a thick steak with your stomach banded.

Is Lap Band the Solution?

In a nutshell, lap band surgery can work but the side effects may be too much to bare. If you are significantly overweight and see no way out, then perhaps lap band surgery is right for you. But, if you are only a few hundred pounds or less overweight, then you should simply try diet and exercise as a means to lose weight. Please don’t think of lap band as an easy way around doing diet and exercise. This type of surgery is only reserved for those that are truly in poor shape physically and simply cannot do any form of exercise. Lap band should be your last resort with a recommendation given to you by a licensed medical professional that agrees that it’s a good idea.