Homemade Organic Rainbow Cake - Natural Food Dye

Natural Foods are Always Best

There are so many processed foods on the market that people eat. It is no wonder why there is an increase in diabetes medication because foods that have lots of sugar in them will increase the negative side effects of people’s diabetes. Don’t forget that diabetes is caused when the cells of your body do not respond in the right way to its insulin. That is why you need to eat only natural foods, like vegetables, fruits, grains, lean meats and so on. Not only is this good for diabetics, but it is good for you in general. Any personal trainer or nutritionist will tell you that you should eat these kinds of foods, regardless of what your medical health is. The reason is that these foods are natural for your body and contain no sugars, corn syrup or anything else that isn’t supposed to be inside of you. Now you may come across diabetics that eat sugarless candies, but they really aren’t that great either because they are not natural. All forms of candy are not natural. Stick to eating fruits and vegetables only.

Natural/Organic Foods

Exposing the Myths

Many people eat foods with a lot of protein because they figure that will help eliminate diabetes all together. The truth is that high protein diets actually increase the key factors that make up diabetes in the first place. After all, high amounts of protein causes insulin resistance in your body. So, make sure you are eating a well balanced diet at all times. Another myth is that you cannot have any sugary foods or else you will go into a diabetic shock. The truth is that sugary foods are not good for anyone. If you are diabetic then you can still eat a moderate amount of sugary foods as long as you combine it with exercise.