Health Insurance

When a person turns 18 years old it can be a hard time for them. When we are younger we dream about being 18 years old, but we don’t think about the reality of adulthood. This reality has to do with getting off your parents health insurance policy and possibly having to support yourself if your parents kick you out of the house. Thanks to the recent “Affordable Care Act” legislation that was signed into law by President Obama, children can now stay on their parents health insurance policy until they are 26 years old. This means that when a person graduates high school, they don’t have to worry about finding a full time job in order to get health insurance coverage for themselves. Instead, they can focus on going to college with the peace of mind of knowing they will be taken care of if they get sick or injured. After all, college students have enough pressure to deal with and they don’t need to worry about things like health insurance.

Sterling College Students

Young students seem to get a good deal under the Affordable Care Act. But, what about the students that are older than 26 years of age? The economy is in rough shape and they are likely working multiple part time jobs to pay for college. Unfortunately, part time jobs do not come with health insurance benefits from the employer. Luckily, there are student health insurance plans available that allow college students to get more affordable coverage. The most popular insurance coverage for this type of situation comes from United Healthcare. They have a United Healthcare Student Resources plan specifically designed to give students better deals on insurance premiums. You may be thinking, “What’s the catch?” The reason why student health insurance is so much cheaper is because it is short term health coverage. Students are not in college forever, which means their health insurance provider is only taking a small risk with each student. Plus, the majority of students are young and in good health, so this helps keep premium rates down even more.