golf swing 2

Golf may look like a leisurely sport, but swinging a club can actually hurt you. This is why performing stretching for golf flexibility before every game is so important not just to improve your swing, but also to prevent you from sustaining injuries.

Here are the exercises you should do before heading off to the course:

For your quadriceps…

Your quadriceps is the muscle in the front of your thighs. Stretching your quadriceps is also the first thing you should do before a game. To perform this, you will need a chair. Here’s how the exercise goes:

  • Stand with your back to the chair with your arms crossed over your chest. Put your left foot on the chair. Note: You can use a chair with a low seat so you don’t have to lift your foot up so high.
  • Make sure to keep your knee even or just behind your right knee. To feel a stretch in the front of your left thigh, tighten your muscles in your left buttocks.
  • Mimic your backswing by rotating your shoulders and torso to the right then slightly bend your left shoulder and trunk toward the ground.
  • Repeat this for the opposite side.

For your back…

You’ll still need a chair for this exercise. Here’s what you will do:

  • Face the back of the chair with your feet apart.
  • Grasp the back of the chair with both of your hands.
  • While holding on to the chair and keeping your spine straight, move your body down and away from your hands. Do this until you can feel a stretch near your armpits.

For your hips…

You’ll need a chair or low table for this.

  • Sit on the table then place your right ankle on top of your left thigh.
  • Using your right forearm, push down on your right knee. Next, lean forward until your waist until  you feel a stretch in your right hip.
  • Repeat this for the opposite side.

By doing these stretching exercises properly, your swing will greatly improve, you’ll be able to minimize the occurrence of injuries and your winning streak will be enhanced. Have fun in the golf course today!