When you see advertisements on television for various medications and drugs, the narrator always tells you to ask your physician if that product is right for you before taking it. Most of us think to ourselves, “I don’t have a physician.” If you don’t have a physician then you need to get one right away. There are plenty of physicians available in every town and city in America. All you have to do is find them, which is easy to do with the internet. Just go to Google and type in “find a physician” in the search engine box. You will see websites like and that will help you find a doctor in your home town. These sites don’t just give you the contact information of these doctors, they also give you reviews and ratings of these doctors as well. These are reviews written by previous patients that have already been to these doctors before. This is a perfect way to filter out the bad doctors and find the good doctors without having to do trial and error yourself.

2008.11.25 - The physician

The important thing to check out is whether the physician is a licensed doctor or not. You may find plenty of doctors that passed medical school and earned a PhD, but you want to make sure their license to practice medicine is still active. It makes a big difference because they could have done something bad in the past with a patient and had their license revoked. If they are still practicing medicine with a revoked license then that is illegal and you could be putting yourself in danger. You can easily check out their credentials by looking up the license in your state’s attorney general government website or you could even try Just match up a licensed doctor with some positive reviews and that should be enough to trust them with.