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Crunches are King

Everybody dreams about getting six pack abs. Why not? They make us look sexy and we can walk on the beach without feeling embarrassed. There are a lot of myths regarding the best ways to get six pack abs. Most of these myths come from bogus infomercials that try to sell products that claim they will give you six pack abs. The reality is that you need to do abdominal exercises in order to work the abdominal muscles. You have probably heard about sit ups as a great way to work your abs, but have you ever tried crunches? These are like mini sit ups, but you actually put more tension on the lower part of your abdominals. This is the area that is the hardest to get revealing abdominals. In fact, most people are used to the phrase “six packĀ  abs.” In actuality, people have eight pack abs. The reason why six pack abs has become such a popular term is because it is so difficult to work your lower abs to get the extra two pack revealed. Most people just stop at the upper six instead. But, you don’t have to as long as you eat right and do crunches every single day.

Leg Raises Often Overlooked

How often do you do leg raises at the gym? This is one of the most overlooked abdominal exercises and it is a shame because they really work. There are two ways you can perform these exercises. You can lie down on your back and raise your legs in the air while keeping them straight. You can also do vertical leg raises with a leg raise machine. This is where you rest your back against the padding, squeeze the grips with your hands and then extend your legs upward while keeping them straight. This might be a little more difficult than the horizontal leg raises on the ground.