Depression #3 (half)

So many people these days suffer from depression. There are a lot of different theories about why people get depressed. Some health experts will say that depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain while others say that depression comes from living an unhappy life. Regardless of what the reason is, exercise is always the best treatment for depression. You may live an unhappy lifestyle or maybe even have something wrong with your brain, but the truth is that a lot of this depression intensifies because people do not move around as much. Think about it. The obesity rate in America is skyrocketing and the nation is getting unhealthier by the minute. We eat bad foods that we know are bad for us and we barely ever get much physical activity anymore.

Exercise calisthenics #2

Human beings are meant to be mobile creations, so any lack of mobility will go against the natural process. This is what actually causes the chemical imbalance in the brain. So, if you do at least 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise each day then it will release something called “endorphins” in your brain. The endorphins work inside your brain to reduce feelings of pain and anxiety. Instead, this will create a positive feeling in your body that will help you relax and not feel so sad. This feeling has been compared to the feeling you get when you take morphine or sedatives in the hospital. These are drugs that are usually given to patients that are about to go into surgery or some procedure that will be extremely painful. Exercise may not work as well as these drugs, but treating normal symptoms of depression should only require natural remedies. There is no cure for depression. This feeling we get is our body’s way of telling us that we need to do some exercise, so that it can get the endorphins it needs to relax again.