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Gummy Vitamins Are Effective

We all probably remember taking Flintstone vitamins as a kid. They are those little chewable pills that taste good and are full of essential vitamins. Then later came the gummy vitamins by Nature Made. These are like eating the Gummy Bears candy, expect gummy vitamins also have essential vitamins in them. So, why do people think that gummy vitamins are just a fad? People often get excited about any new product, but the excitement is short lived if the product doesn’t capture their interest in a certain way. After all, any vitamin supplement that is advertised as a type of candy is typically thought of as being for children only. Adults don’t really take them seriously and will end up going back to those boring hard pills that they have to swallow. The reality is that it doesn’t matter in what way you get your vitamin supplement because the ingredients don’t change. If you eat a gummy vitamin, then you will be getting your vitamins through a chewable tasty candy source. If you get your vitamins from a hard pill, then you just swallow the pill and get the same ingredients. There really is no difference. But, in the public’s eye the gummy vitamins will always be inferior.

Gummy vitamins

Types of Gummy Vitamins

Like pills, gummy vitamins come in many variations. For example, you don’t necessarily have to get a multivitamin type of gummy vitamin. This is a supplement that has all the essential vitamins packaged into one gummy pill. Perhaps you are someone that is only looking for a calcium supplement instead. Well, you can purchase gummy vitamins that only contain calcium in them. There are also Vitamin C gummies and Vitamin D gummies. You may not find them at your local pharmacy store, so you should go to and order them online. They are just as inexpensive as the supplements at your local store.