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It doesn’t take a genius to know the real essence of exercise. Exercising does not only energize the mood or relieve stress but also help manage symptoms of pain and illnesses as well as improve a person’s overall sense of wellness. Stay strong, healthy and energetic by trying out these 5 simple exercises.

Exercise #1: Weight Train

Weight training builds and tones muscles, increases density of bones, improves posture, burns calories and fats, boosts confidence, prevents injuries and releases anti-aging hormones. For newbies, the surest way to get into realistic programs is through joining gyms. Expert trainers will be there to customize safe programs as well as provide assistance on proper and effective use of weights.

Exercise #2: Skipping or Rebounding

Skipping can stimulate the lymphatic system, which is comprised of channels that parallel with blood vessels. Unlike blood having heart as the pump, the lymphatic system does not have any. It relies basically on deep breathing and exercise to keep moving. Stimulating this system can result to better body waste elimination.

Exercise #3: Calming Exercise

Improve your balance and flexibility with ancient practices as qi gong, yoga and tai chi. These focus on using the body, mind and breath for energy restoration, stress reduction, and for calming an agitated mind.

Exercise #4: Abs Exercise

Abs exercises like crunches and sit-ups will work the body’s core, which is the area around the pelvis and trunk. Targeting these muscles creates toned abs and better lower back support, preventing injury, low back pains and poor posture.

Exercise #5: Exercises Using Bands and Balls

Performing exercises with exercise balls will enhance balance, coordination, flexibility and further strengthens muscles. Exercising using wobbly balls helps build a strong and lean core which is key to achieving better posture.

Resistance bands make for efficiency as you will get more from the return part of every movement compared to using machines and free weights.