The cold months are a great time to head to the slopes again and practice those moves you have mastered last year. If you have made your reservation to a popular ski resort, now is the time to practice conditioning exercises to be on top of your game.

So before you head out to ski, it’s important to get your body into the appropriate condition weeks or months before. By getting the muscle groups normally used when you ski into shape, you can greatly improve your ability out in the ice. Not only that, you also improve your balance and coordination.

So with that, you may wonder what is the best ski conditioning exercise? Well, it’s not just one, but a combination of workouts to get you ready to ski.

Isolation jump squats

This exercise mimics how your legs react while passing through terrain that rapidly changes. Specifically, doing these is just like going over dips, raises and tracks that are not covered with a chunky layer of snow. Performing this trains your legs to react to such changes.

Agility dots

This is very important because it not only build strength and endurance in your leg, but it also helps keep your knee joint stabilized. Constantly doing this prior to your trip minimises the chances of getting an injury to your knee.

Tricep dips

This is helpful in getting you back on your skis after a fall. Not only that, it even gives you extra strength when you need to change direction or work your way uphill.

Single leg ventral hops

This helps build control and coordination over your legs. Apart from that, you can also build strength in your knees while performing this exercise.

Three point squats

Recovering from shifts in your center of gravity is important, and this exercise trains your body to do just that. You can use dumbbells or a medicine ball and move them towards the side and front of your body to force it to react then recover.

As you can see, the best ski conditioning exercise is a combination of various physical activities that ensures your muscles are in the best shape and thus, leads to maximum performance while you’re in the slopes.