A profession in the healthcare industry is one in which you can make a true difference in the lives of your patients while enjoying a challenging yet rewarding career path. As our nation’s baby boomers are living longer lives, healthcare professionals that are compassionate and qualified are needed more than ever to help with the increase demand for healthcare services. If you are interested in pursing healthcare and medicine, consider these 5 amazing jobs in healthcare.

1.  Nursing is one of the fastest growing and highest paying careers for professional right out of school. As an entry-level nurse, you can start earning up to $80,000 each year. I addition to the money, nurses are able to have a profound impact on the lives of the patients as well as the overall quality of care that a facility provides. Nurses work with doctors and physicians to provide exceptional care, give medication, monitor patients, and perform diagnostic testing. A career in nursing requires a solid traditional education either from a certificate program or a 4-year college or university.

2.  If you prefer to work in a different setting besides a doctor’s office or hospital, a career as a dental assistant might be perfect for you. As people are living longer, they not only need more medical attention, but they also need consistent dental care as older people are maintaining natural teeth for longer amounts of time. As a dental assistant you will be able to assist a dentist or orthodontist with surgeries, cleanings, root canals, and other procedures both invasive and noninvasive. Unlike nursing, a certification and training as a dental assistant does not require extensive training, so you can begin your career sooner and with a smaller investment in your education.

3.  If working with patients one-on-one isn’t for you, consider a role behind the scenes that is just as important. A career as a medical records technician is booming, as more and more facilities need professionals to handle paperwork and keep important files organized and up to date. You will also be able to deal with insurance claims and help patients navigate complicated, jargon ridden paperwork.

4.  You may also consider a career in alternative medicine. Alternative and eastern medical treatments are receiving more and more recognition and credibility in recent times. Often people turn to alternative care options in conjunction with western medical treatments, or as another option when traditional medicine and procedures are not effective. As an acupuncturist you can earn a significant income once you complete a 3-5 year accredited program.

5.  Finally, a job as a professional home aide will allow you to care for a patient regularly from the comfort of his or her own home. This profession allows you to help people on a genuine and authentic level. You will help them to enjoy a better quality of life after a surgery, injury or as they age. You can help them with chores around the house; improving their mobility, attending appointments, and maintaining proper at home medical care such as injections or taking medication as prescribed.

A career in any of these professions will allow you to make a true difference in the lives of patients while allowing you to feel that you truly make a difference. Whether you work in the exam room, behind a desk, or at the Medical Education & Research Institute there is a job out there just for you. There are wide ranges of opportunities available for every skill set and personality type, so you will be able to find an amazing healthcare job for you.